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Cans & Ends

We manufacture over 50 billion recyclable aluminum and steel cans a year worldwide. They’re lightweight, fully recyclable, quickly chilled, easy to store, and cost-effective – no wonder they’re the package of choice in homes, stores, and vending machines around the world!

Ball’s Metal Beverage Packaging Division is the worldwide leader in aluminum packaging technology, and partnering with our customers helps keep us there.

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Graphics Matter: Packaging and especially graphics can help to differentiate your brand with consumers. Whatever your brand is trying to say, graphics can be your brand voice.

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Cans Are Better for the Environment

  • Cans contain an average of 68% recycled aluminum.
  • They are infinitely recyclable.
  • #1 recycled beverage container of any kind in the United States.
  • Recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy used to make aluminum cans from virgin materials.
  • Cans are the lightest weight beverage container – at 34 cans per pound they enable savings in shipping and handling costs through the entire supply chain.
  • Seven in ten adults say they would purchase a product because its packaging is better for the environment.*
  • Used aluminum cans are recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in as few as 60 days. That means a consumer could basically purchase the same recycled aluminum can from a retailer’s shelf nearly every 9 weeks or 6 times a year.

*Source: Can Manufacturers Institute

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The process of making a single, recyclable beverage can from a coiled sheet of aluminum is an amazing technical feat–one repeated more than 100 million times each day at Ball’s manufacturing sites throughout North America. Ball knows cans. The engineers at Ball push for the design of a perfect can that weighs less. We apply the same analytical methods used for space vehicles on the design of our cans.


Craft Brewers

Cask Brewing Systems, Inc. of Canada is the supplier of small brewers and packagers worldwide. At the forefront of the development of “micro-canning” of carbonated beverages like beer, energy and soft drinks, the company services the needs of the small scale packager. Cask and Ball partner together to bring canning systems and cans to the craft brewing industry.

Over a decade ago, Ball partnered with Oskar Blues to pioneer the craft beer in cans revolution. The brewers realized that the aluminum can is the best package for their premium handcrafted beers. What’s not to love? – the can is 100% infinitely recyclable and protects beer from damaging  light and oxygen better than other packages. Ball continues to help craft breweries across the country deliver their beer  to consumers with the full flavors that Brewmasters intend.

Watch the 2013 Burning Can Beer Festival Video now. Great beer in a great package on a beautiful Colorado day – Jealous?

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